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Its a given that if you have a store or business that you’ll want a sign on the building! Signs are often a customer or client’s first impression of your company so it is in your best interest that should put your best foot forward. With so many options out there it can be hard to decide the best choice for your store or office. One of our suggestions here at Slicks Graphics is to do with a Channel lettering business sign!

These signs are made from metal or acrylic, and is often letters (but can be numbers and other characters) that when put together can make a custom business sign. Channel lettering can be illuminated and can be made in a variety of fonts, colors and sizes for fully customized looks.

Many company choose channel lettering for their business sign for a variety of reasons. Its cost-effective, these kinds of signs aren’t as expensive as other options and is a one time investment. These signs can be creative but still look very professional both of which impact your brand image. Overall channel lettering with its ability to be fully customized has won over businesses all over the world as their sign option of choice.

Custom Business Signs Available in Channel Lettering

Channel lettering has many options, as mentioned before. These options go beyond font, color, material and size to include different lighting effects! Adding LED or Neon lighting to your sign means that not only will it be visible at all hours and weather conditions but also helps your building stand out to all passing by. Lets go over your lighting options for your channel lettering business sign! 

No Lighting Required!

Sometimes you simply don’t need lighting but channel lettering can still be a great choice regardless. They can be used for inside a building, for places not open during the night and for companies that appreciate simplicity.

Front-Lit Signs

Also known as the “standard” for lighting a channel letter sign, this style keeps it simple while getting the job done. The face of the letters, usually made with translucent acrylic, is lit from within the letter itself. Can be done in various colors to add a an attention-grabbing touch of personality.

Open Face Channel Lettering

This style lends itself more to neon or bulbs rather than LED and gives an almost vintage style to your channel lettering. The letters for this style have an open face so the interior lighting can be seen, adding an extra style to your sign. It similar to front-lit signs but rather than hide what illuminates it, the sign instead shows it off!

Reverse-Lit Signs

Also known as the “halo” lighting effect for channel lettering. The letters are mounted away from the wall so that the lighting creates a glowing effect. The face of the letter will often be metal so no light bleeds though it. Just like front-lit there can be various color options. You can also choose to do both front and reserve lit for even more lighting and customization opportunities.

Channel Lettering Signs for Commercial Buildings

When it comes to your custom commercial sign needs, know that Slicks Graphics is ready to make you the perfect business sign! With our team of experienced designers, top-of-the-line equipment and quality materials on hand – the creation of your sign will be in great hands! We can also install your sign once we are done making it. If you have any questions on what kind of sign suits your company’s needs best or if you are ready to start designing then give us a call or shoot us an email! Consultations and estimates are free!

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